Back to Basics

7:37 pm

Basic is Classy, nuff said. One can really appreciate basic pieces because incorporating those with modern ones can be done in a jiffy. Although that is a given fact, I still prefer wearing just the basic ones because for some reason, I became obsessed with comfort and laid-back looks. 

Not only are the pieces in this look are considered basic. The reason why I entitled this as "Back to Basics" is because the color combination in this look is also a common one. Red, black, and white - 3 staple colors that'll go well with anything!
Skater skirts are a "must-have-item" for summer! It's so breezy and comfortable but hey, don't forget to wear some undergarments, alright? Don't go all swirling and turning around with that skirt without wearing cycling shorts or whatever it is that you use. Trust me! You'll thank me! Haha.
I got my skater skirt from an online shop, Baro't Saya. I bought it during their unexpected garage sale last week and if you are following my instagram, you already know what I got aside from that skirt. I'll be blogging about it soon.
Red Skater Skirt from Baro't Saya | White button-down from Beverly Hills Polo Club | Flats from Primadonna Shoes | Bag from Marithe + Francois Girbaud | Casio Watch | Thrifted Accessories

Love lots,
Jassie Adriano ♥

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