Weekstagram + English41 Video

7:40 pm

After making a new blog I promised to myself not to post entries which are too personal or too casual plainly because I don''t intend to share whatever random stuff happens to me which may affect my personal life (by this I mean blogging what I did hour by hour). Well, I'd say otherwise if it's funny though. I love being weird and all.
Since I don't want my blog to be idle, I'm regramming some of my photos from instagram. I'm letting the photos do its work in sharing some blog-worthy moments which happened this week (and more weeks to come).
You can follow me by searching my username: jassieadriano

Oh and by the way, I did promise to share our English Play: Romward and Jubella. My friend was able to upload it online, so here it is! Have fun watching all of us make fools of ourselves! (PS. Sorry for the bad video quality)

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