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Basic and simple, you can say it's lazy but that's the whole point of it. I've been being lazy on some particular stuff lately and sometimes it could reflect on the outfit I'm wearing. I also skipped the vintage-y effect for my photos (the red highlights you're seeing isn't because of photoshop, I picked a flower and placed it in front of the lens, not so lazy for creativity!) for the same reason. I don't know, maybe because I got fed up being responsible and meticulous on some of my MAJOR WANNABE subjects last semester which made me feel I want to slack sometimes, you know?

I was supposed to blog about this yesterday but thanks to the hellish weather, this post was delayed. It's funny because I wasn't feeling lazy yesterday but somehow the weather wanted me to be so I wouldn't do anything productive for the day. Wow! Thank you mother nature for the support! (Insert sarcastic smile here)
I actually like this look. It's simple and comfortable, and still presentable. It really is true what they say about simplicity being beautiful. 
(By the way, I just realized I look like I'm not wearing any pants on! I actually am wearing tattered short pants but, oh well)
Button down top and Shorts (if you can see it)  from Bangkok | Heart Key Necklace from Ziya, SM | Aviators from Converse
Thrifted bracelets | Casio Watch
Rucksack bag from New Town Mall, Hong Kong
Before I end, let me share why I got my ipad mini because I did promise to blog about it.
It's been months since my 2nd Generation iPod touch died from battery depletion. It's hard for me to actually leave the house without bring my iPod with me because I've grown accustomed to bringing one. I've had it since 3rd year High School (that explains why I got the crappy 2nd generation model) and some of my memories in HS are in there. 
I used my dad's extra tab temporarily just to suffice my need for music and web browsing but it had me missing my iPod touch more (Drama much)
I negotiated with my dad about my trip to Thailand. All of the stuff I need for a week's worth of vacation were already set but due to our FS defense, I had no choice but to cancel it. So my dad sold the ticket and bought me an iPad mini. The extra money I had was supposed to be used for a new lens but since I have a very annoying sister, I used it to buy her a gift instead: an iPod touch 5th generation in PINK!
I actually love the fact I chose the iPad mini over the iPod touch 5 and iPad 4. It's not too small to use for web browsing and not too big for me not to bring it anywhere! It's perfect for blogging too!
Both the new iPod touch and iPad mini are so thin and light!
I really am saying good bye to my fat and old iPod touch, huh? Gotta move on girl, gotta move on. Anyway, I'm planning to make a "What's in my iPad" post soon, I'll make one after I could find me a cutie case for my iPad!
So this is the end of the post and I'm ending it with a photo of the usual, goofy, and weird me. Perfect caption? FREEDOM!
Love lots,
Jassie Adriano ♥

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  1. where did you bought your itouch5 and how much was it? hopefully its just around cdo :)

    1. Hey there! I got it at I-tech, SM CDO. Php13,395


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