Hear me ROAR!

9:04 pm

Apart from floral prints, I love galaxy and leopard/cheetah prints as well. Presently, I found myself getting hooked up on cheetah prints especially after buying my Foxy inspired heels from primadonna. Yesterday, I got my Apartment 8 Cheetah print longsleeved top with sequin detail (woah, that was long) and then I bought black shorts with strips of cheetah print on the pockets. Putting those two together and adding my cheetah heels from primadonna, I get to roar out loud!

The photo on the left side was actually a test shot before I went on shooting for 15 minutes. I intended to delete that photo but since it worked out well (minus the bun hair style), I kept it. 
I wanted to take more shots but being the idiot that I am, I forgot my remote in the house. I was starting to drip-sweat after 3 photos since I had to go back and forth to click the shutter button. I should make a velcro cover for my remote so I could just stick it on my camera bag.
Moving on, I really love this top from Apartment 8, this top belongs to their previous Blair collection. Even if it has long sleeves, it still feels breezy. (I started to sweat because I had to move around under the heat of the sun, if only I brought my remote with me.) I also adore the sequined collar, pockets, and cuffs, with those details alone, I was able to accessorize myself without the hassle of choosing which accessory to use. The top is very classy but glamorous at the same time! 
Here's a closer look of the details.
I bought those shorts yesterday with Anamae. We found it in one of the thrift shops near our school, when I saw the cheetah detail, I was like, "OH MY, I GOTTA GET THIS!"
Closer look of the short's detail. I like how simple the design is. The cheetah print isn't to extravagant thus allowing me to mix it with other pieces.
I posted about this on my previous post. This pair is from Primadonna.
Say hello to my 4 year-old Louis Vuitton hand bag. I don't get to use this much but it's great how it matched today's outfit!

Love lots,
Jassie Adriano ♥

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