Chillin' and studying on #ashwednesday

6:34 pm

I'm not catholic so I don't actually have to put some ash drawn on my head to remind myself about ash Wednesday. I went to coffee works with my buddies, Paul and Anamae, and had moments of relaxation while studying some major subjects. If only I could eat every dessert here, I would! But since I can't, I shan't.
 Candin photo of me taken by Anamae. Now I know how I look like when I write.
 Anamae and I love using memo pads in studying. Both of us have the same studying habits:
1. We talk out loud when memorizing
2. We make actions to represent something
3. We like to write a lot of important facts
4. We talk to ourselves when discussing a specific topic
5. We like drinking sweets when we study
Here's our pile of colorful memo pads! :)
We'll be having a quiz tomorrow, what a nice way to celebrate Valentine's day huh? :D
By the way, I took some outfit post a while ago since I finished studying way ahead my schedule. Here's a teaser!
love lots,
Jassie Adriano 

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