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6:54 pm

I don't have a definite topic to blog about so I thought of mashing up every small stuff I would like to share to you guys in this post, hence the title.

Finally! Midterm exams, DONE! All there is to wait for? Well, grades. It's been a long week for me and I think the same goes to my fellow Ateneans. I'm not sure about them but honestly, I had a very lax week. I only had 6 exams but the tension was there; I mean, who wouldn't feel nervous right? What I hate about the midterm examination was the schedule. All of my exams ended at 7PM! Tiring, very tiring. Anyway, it's a good thing Chingkeetea's Honeydew Milk tea was there to ease me up and kept me from stressing out.

Oh yeah, for those who didn't know, Chingkeetea will be selling a new product line called: Tea Pops. Ice pops with milk tea goodness! I can't wait to try this next week! Be sure to visit their shop!

Just this afternoon, I went and shopped for new kicks as a reward for myself. Although I still don't know my grades yet, I persisted to give myself something because I've been putting so much effort in all of the things I do: School work - FS Paper - and the like. I don't always get to gratify myself and bec---- Nah, I just wanted to shop! But seriously, it's all worth it!
Here's a glimpse of what I've bought. I also ordered a pair of shoes from an online shop but unfortunately, it'll take about a month before I can get hold of it. When I do, I promise to blog about it as soon as possible. For these pairs, they'll come out of their box and be shown on my blog tomorrow together with the bags I bought from HK. I thought of showing to you guys a closer look of the bags I posted on instagram:
Yes, I have INSTAGRAM. You can follow me by typing "jassieadriano" in the app's search bar, I follow back as well. Maybe soon, I'll do another "what's in my bag" post too!

Before I end this post, let me share to you guys some of my drawings which were totally out of boredom. I'm not good with it but drawing is and will always be my favorite medium of art (well, aside from fashion). I've been drawing "nonsense" art which only I can understand since 1997. I don't want to lose hold of this talent so I never stopped drawing! I remember posting a blog entry in my first blog here in blogspot about how my drawings "evolved", maybe soon I'll post it again :)

 I might post another outfit shot together with the shoes and bags post, feel free to visit this blog tomorrow!

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  1. galing mo talaga sa drawings ja! hehe

    1. MOK! DI TAYO NATULOY! :( Summer nalang if maka uwi ka. Thanks mok :)


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