Under the shade

5:55 pm

Featuring yet another floral print on my blog! When will this floral mayhem stop? Well, never. Floral prints are and will always be my favorite detail. 

Went to church with this pretty little floral dress from Apartment 8. I got this dress last December and I even posted on instagram a photo of me with an exaggerated series of "I'm so happy I got this dress" face. I also took out my new Primadonna flats for a walk and I have to say, it's so comfortable and classy. 
I was supposed to go to my favorite spot in our subdivision but unfortunately, the sun was so up there and I had to take cover unless I want to be blinded or be burnt to death! Yes, I like exaggerating but seriously, it isn't summer yet and we're experiencing this kind of heat in mid-January. In order to pursue with taking selca shots, I had to go under any shade available (hence my title). Good thing our street is filled with trees; YAY FOR TREES!
Oh yeah, I got that hat with a flower pin 2 years ago during our subdivision's feast. I love it when our subdivision holds any event because a bazaar will never be missing on the list of attractions. 
Just an off topic note, I just realized how long my hair is now and I've been planning on cutting it months ago but I barely have time to pamper myself especially when our FS group's defense is fast approaching. I swear I'm gonna buy something or at least have my hair done when I nail that defense! #motivated
Floral dress from Apartment 8 | Flats from Primadonna | Aura Butterfly Bag from Accessorize | Hat from XEH Bazaar 

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