Hong Kong Day 2: Disneyland + Outfit Post

8:07 pm

During our second day at Hong Kong, my family and I scheduled a trip to the happiest place on earth: DISNEYLAND. Honestly, as mature as I can be, I can't resist releasing my childish behavior when it comes to Disneyland. You can't blame me for that one, who could ever do such thing if they know they'll be paying a visit to a wondrous and dazzling place? (Already thinking of singing A Whole New World)

We had to be eaten by a Mickey Mouse themed train in order to reach the resort. Not for long, we arrived at Disneyland. It was really early by the time we got there. We decided to be early birds because we wanted to have a photo in front of the entrance without a pool of people in the way. It's just too unfortunate for us to not have my brother that day since he got sick.

Side-by-side shops! My kind of mall strolling gig!

Since we came early, we had to fill our stomach with something. Would you like to share with me this Mickey Mouse Waffle? I'm sorry, I've digested it already about a week ago :)

Believe it or not, Pluto is my most favorite Disney character. Why? Well, it's interesting that he is the only animal who can't talk. I wonder what was on Walter's mind why he decided to mute Pluto and make him as another animal's pet when Goofy can freely talk and stand just like the rest of Mickey's gang.

Aurora's (Sleeping Beauty) Castle. This is the place where the fireworks display was held.

Toy Story land! My favorite place! 

We went to Adventure land and went straight to Grizzly Gulch just to have my face on that wall! See, spell childish!

Here's a photo during the fireworks display. I wasn't able to get a better shot because of those people in front of me.

Moving on the the outfit post. I wanted to wear something casual and comfortable especially when I tend to get all hyped up with the rides I could enjoy. So, I wore a pair of shorts, simple top and a pair of rubber flats so I could run around without having to kill my legs and feet! Oh and for the beanie, well, to keep my hair in place. The wind kept blowing my hair all over my face so I put it on.

I initially wore a coat because it can get really cold in the morning. Like I said, we went there really early. I took it off in the afternoon since I can already bear the not-so-cold temperature.

High-low Aztec top from Apartment 8 | Shorts from Next Jeans | Mary Jane flats from Crocs | Random Accessories from A Thrift Shop in CDO, Philippines | Printed Scarf from SM Department Store Accessories | Watch from Wize and Ope 

For my next post, watch out for this!

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