Hong Kong Day 1: Highlights + Outfit Post

11:13 pm

My first day in Hong Kong for 2012 would probably best described as FUN and TIRING at the same time. It was really fun because I got to stroll around the city in the hope of being able to buy some gifts for myself and, family and friends. Unfortunately, the fun part was just about 45% of the overall experience because walking from place to place for the whole day wasn't just my style. I mean, I walk and even run around our subdivision for cardio but wandering around this big city was different. Anyway, I did have a great time in Hong Kong this year!

We stayed at Tsuen Wan for 5 days, in L Hotel Nina et Convention Centre to be exact.

The 2 connected buildings on the left side is L hotel. 

You can go directly to a mall called Citywalk located right just outside the hotel. Well actually, that mall is also connected to it. Outside and at the center of the mall, you can find their Christmas-themed decorations, well suited for the Holidays!

Noodles, noodles, noodles. I've been eating this for about a week. No, not everyday though.

I walked around the streets of Tsuen Wan and here's the market place.

When I came back to the hotel, I brought home these cute bags from New Town Mall, a mall located a bit far from the hotel. Yes, I can walk at least that much! These bags only cost $50.00 EACH. I'm currently using the rucksack bag for school. Perhaps, these two might be my greatest thrift buys for 2012. 

For the first day in HK, I wore this super breezy attire. It wasn't that cold during that specific time so I was still able to wear sheer clothing. Basically, I wore something super comfortable because I had to walk around for hours. I don't know what'll happen to my feet and legs if I wore wedges... Although I find wedges comfortable to use, it is still preferable to wear flats if you want to enjoy strolling.

Sheer Long sleeved top from Weekender | Yellow Skinny Pants from Hangten | Sequined footwear from Fitflop | Stacked bracelets from A Thrift Shop in CDO, Philippines | Digital watch from Wize and Ope

For my next post, let me give you all a preview. Isn't it too obvious already? :)

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