2013, Thank you!

2014 8:04 pm


blogger 9:04 pm

Perfectly imperfect! Bensimon CDO

bensimonph 8:42 pm

Better Off Separated: part 2

blogger 6:10 pm

Better Off Separated: part 1

Jassie Chia 9:10 pm

What's on my iPad Mini?

ipad mini 8:44 pm

Hell Week

Jassie Chia 7:13 pm

Hot Casual Day #inspiredbyhavaianas

4:36 pm

Getting Cozy in QHearts

milktea 6:05 pm

MYOHCDO2013 + Happy Lemon = Happy Jassie

events 8:49 pm

Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 Sneak Peek!

events 10:15 pm

That's a wrap, July!

Jassie Chia 6:21 pm

School Supplies Haul!

7:31 pm

Ending Summer

Jassie Chia 7:17 pm


Jassie Chia 7:09 pm

Back to Basics

Jassie Chia 7:37 pm

Casual Summer x Spruce PINKed

Jassie Chia 7:42 pm

Bright Summer

Jassie Chia 4:04 pm

Lazy and Simple

Jassie Chia 7:34 pm

Denim Love

Jassie Chia 9:55 pm

Take it easy

Jassie Chia 5:57 pm

Weekstagram + English41 Video

school 7:40 pm

The tales of Romward and Jubella

4:51 pm

Out to Play

Jassie Chia 5:42 pm

A quick update

Jassie Chia 6:33 pm

I'm still alive

Coffee busy school 9:15 am

How I spent my Valentine's day, Saturday and Sunday

food 11:08 pm

Hear me ROAR!

fashion 9:04 pm

Chillin' and studying on #ashwednesday

friends 6:34 pm

I just can't get enough

fashion 7:56 pm

Take a break and Gangnam Style!

friends 9:06 pm

Under the shade

fashion 5:55 pm

012013 and Something New

fashion 8:20 pm

What a random post

newin 6:54 pm

Hong Kong day 3: Playing Favorites

fashion 9:30 pm

2013 Planner

8:24 pm

Hong Kong Day 2: Disneyland + Outfit Post

fashion 8:07 pm

Hong Kong Day 1: Highlights + Outfit Post

fashion 11:13 pm

Christmas Day, Hong Kong Night

travel 8:00 pm

Clicks + Stitches x The Handmade turban Shoot

collaboration 9:30 pm

Welcome 2013!

9:31 pm

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