14 August 2016

Pastel Piece

There's an easy way to look younger without spending too much on beauty products or going overboard with your outfit. How? I got two words for you, PASTEL PIECES.

28 May 2016

Things you could do before summer ends

 Summer is about to end, start saying goodbye to swimsuits, beaches, and other summer related stereotypes. I've been to a lot of summer escapades with my friends and family and I did enjoy every single moment with them. But if you're one of those people who had no time to spare for a quick getaway, here are some of my recommendations for you to enjoy the last days of summer.

21 May 2016

A taste of Coachella before summer ends

Before summer ends, I would like to share to you how I got a taste of coachella. Before proceeding with the blog post, I know I've been MIA for months and that's because I've been too caught up with work and some stuff that I need to work on for my future. I did try to find time for my blog but I would always end up being to tired and drained. I'm very hopeful in being consistent about this.