15 December 2014

For a change

For the first time in forever (singing to Frozen), I wore something way too different from my usual style preference. No floral prints, no whites. I must say, mixing styles is really fun because I get to experience something new and I get to expand the range of my selection when I plan to shop.

14 December 2014

If I were in VEGAS! #CosmopolitanChic

If a genie would pop out of nowhere and grants me one wish, I'd wish to visit Vegas. Why? To be accommodated at COSMOPOLITAN, of course! This place is just the bomb! Whenever I browse through photos of its interior, I would always find myself at awe. The place is just to perfect to the point that one would want to dress up accordingly. If I were in Cosmopolitan right now, this is what I'll pack inside my bag.

9 December 2014


One of my favorite it-girls is Katie Holmes. I find her as the perfect example for a casual chic style. The way she dresses up inspires a lot of people that you don't have to always bring out your trendy clothes or buy the latest set of clothing line, confidence and comfort are the only two things which you always need to carry.

7 December 2014

Brew your best year!

One of the things I look forward to new year's day is the haunt for the perfect journal to use. Luckily, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf was kind enough to give me an advance Christmas gift - my very own Giving Journal 2015.