21 October 2014

Regal Vibe

There are 3 things I love about this look: One, for once, I don't have any floral print on. Two, the skirt is a total steal! I bought it for P50.00, can you belive that? Three, let's pause for a second and admire how classy the top from Ripples by Jenny is.

19 October 2014

I live to SPRING

Gloomy days are upon us, but that doesn't stop me from giving off  "springy" vibes. This floral maxi dress screams out "BRING THE SUN BACK!" to high heavens and there's nothing else I'd love more than to feel the sun's rays on my skin (but not too much bro, not too much). For this outfit, I played with colors just to try out something new. No whites at all. It was a total challenge for me given the fact that a white top has always been my staple clothing item.

12 October 2014

Black and Roses

I wanted to wear something casual but totally unexpected, and I came up with this look. This outfit is filled with trends- peek-a-boo top, lace trim shorts, and the ever casual jelly sandals. I adore peek-a-boo tops because it gives your usual top a hint of glam even without accessorizing. And to jump on the bandwagon,  I matched it with my lace trim floral shorts from Ripples by Jenny. For a casual chic look, I wore my Cotton on jelly sandals.

10 October 2014

Stylequation 101: Rompers + Boots

For the past few weeks, I found myself eyeing on rompers. I personally think that rompers are one of the best go-to outfit because you wouldn't have any problems pairing a top and a bottom item, all you need to figure out is how to accessorize the romper to glam it up. I am also becoming fond of boots for some reason, and so I figured, "Hey, another style equation post!".

I came up with 5 different romper looks: Boho, Classic, Edgy, Girly and Indie. For each look, I'll share to you ladies 5 tips on what makes up a specific style. I will be doing this to all of my Style Equation 101 posts in the future as a guide/reference.