Snoe Beauty Inc.

Great news beauty fanatics from CDO! Snoe Beauty Inc. (snow-ee) recently opened its 43rd branch in the country, and they're happy to welcome all beauty junkies from CDO. Last September 14, they invited me to their opening and I was very happy to join their 1st day here in the city of friendship.

Light and Easy

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but I cannot be unseen without a white top. Purple is by far my most favorite color but white has a lot to offer. It's classy and dynamic - you can match it with everything and that's the greatest thing about it! I went with a very light colored ensemble - white x pastel blue. I am deeply in love with my Tokyo skirt from Thrift Market! The floral print looks playful and classy and that's what I love about it, and my statement necklace screams "FAB" from afar!  

Classic Maxi

This outfit gave me an excuse to wear my leopard print scarf - it just gave a simple look a bit of "oomph" without me having to over accessorize. But considering the weather we have here in the Philippines, it is fair enough to say that wearing a scarf is ridiculous; here is where my philosophy on style intervenes.

Monthly Favorites: August 2014

Better late than never! Here are my favorites from the month of August. Just so you guys know, I've been very busy last month and that is probably why this set of favorites is quite short. Nevertheless, I want to share to you guys what fashion items, beauty products, food, and music I enjoyed last month!