11 March 2015

Office Essentials

And because I've been busy the past few days with work, I've decided to post something in relation to it. For this post, let me share to you my work must-haves. This is not really, although it may be, a what's in my bag post but this is just to show you guys what I bring to keep my cool whenever I'm at work.

25 February 2015

Sample Room

When buying beauty products online, I would consider watching youtube video reviews and/or I would read tons of articles regarding a specific product. I think it is a tedious thing to do because not all of have the same skin type and good reviews doesn't give us total assurance that it'll produce good results for us as well. With Sample Room, we are now free to "TRY BEFORE WE BUY". Wanna know more as to how it works?